“The courses were delivered with high attention to detail and gave information and examples that are relevant in industry and not just “textbook” material. There was a lot of information available and I thought the timeline and the course delivery was exceptional. I took away a very positive experience from it. The course itself exceeded my expectations.”

July 2015


“I do enjoy the studying with RiskTec, appreciate so many learning material which will still take me some time to review.”

Shun (RAC)
March 2016


“Resulted in good ‘all round’ understanding: the topics chosen provided good coverage and it was useful to have exposure to how things are done in other industries.”

January 2017


“I am very happy with the RAC modules that I currently have, and looking forward to pass it by end of the year! The modules and what I learn will definitely help me in my current profession.”

Veronica (RAC)
June 2016


“As an experienced HSE professional already working with risk assessment and safety management on a daily basis in highly hazardous demanding environment of an oil refinery, I found the course provided me a broader and deeper knowledge. The most interesting part of the course is the preparation of the essay which stimulates the learners to study broader and deeper the issues.”

Tan (RPQ)
June 2017

Accreditations and

Risktec Professional Qualifications (RPQs)

Our Risktec Professional Qualifications (RPQs) are designed by highly experienced, practising risk and safety management consultants and aim to develop your practical skills and knowledge. The content and learning outcomes are the same as our postgraduate programmes, but with a lighter level of assessment.

Why invest in a Risktec Professional Qualification?

  • We believe the RPQs to be the world’s first awards in the safety-critical, high hazard industries.
  • Enrolling on a Risktec programme ensures that your learning is relevant to industry and the situations you are likely to encounter in the real professional world.
  • RPQ modules contain Masters level materials, so represent remarkable value for money


Risktec Assessed Certificate (RAC)

The RAC programme consists of 6 modules from a choice of 19.

Risktec Assessed Diploma (RAD)

The RAD programme consists of 12 modules form a choice of 19.

Risktec Assessed Masters (RAM)

The RAM programme comprises 12 modules from a choice of 19, plus a dissertation.

A state-of-the-art dissertation topic is selected in consultation with Risktec.

Risktec Assessed Specialism (RAS)

Risktec Assessed Specialisms comprise selected modules of industry-related topics.

The Oil & Gas QRA Training Programme has been developed for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Programme enrolment pathways

Students can choose to enrol onto the RAM, RAD or RAC.  Students who enrol onto the RAC or RAD will have the opportunity to upgrade their programme.

RPQ Single Modules

RPQ Single Modules are available for anyone wishing to study and gain a certificate in a small number of topics.

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