Safety/HSE Cases


The aim of this module is to explain the purpose, content and uses of a safety/HSE Case.  Particular attention is focused on the best practical approaches to address legal, industry and company requirements.  The differing types of safety/HSE case during the project lifecycle are discussed, as well as differences in approaches between industries.  Links between the case, supporting studies and the management system are studied.  Best practices for implementing and maintaining the case are also reviewed.


At the end of the course you will be able to

  1. Critically review the reasons for having safety/HSE Cases and the role of the safety/HSE Case
  2. Justify the contents of a safety case
  3. Discuss the key factors to be considered when planning a safety case.


Outline content

Historical drivers

Legal Requirements: UK, Europe, worldwide

Company and industry body requirements

Differing types of case by project phase (e.g. PSR, PCSR, design, operational, decommissioning)

Safety/HSE Case structure and approach by industry
  • nuclear
  • offshore oil and gas
  • onshore process
  • transport
  • others
Bridging documents

Links between the case and supporting studies

Links between the case and the management system

Documentation and management or maintenance of the safety/HSE Case

Roll-out and implementation: keeping the case as a working document

Features of a fit-for-purpose safety case


Study options

Distance learning

In-house customised training can be provided upon request.  Enquire for further details.

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