Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)


Comprehensive hazard identification is the cornerstone of effective risk management.  This course covers practical methods for performing process hazard analyses (PHAs) of systems and procedures, using the hazard and operability (HAZOP) and what-if/checklist techniques.  It teaches participants the methods used to identify hazard potential and their consequences when plant/equipment operates outside its design intent.


At the end of the course you will be able to

  1. Select the most appropriate technique for the PHA
  2. Apply PHA techniques to identify hazards, clearly define the consequences and challenge the suitability of the safeguards
  3. Report and document the findings from the PHA


Outline content

  • Process safety management and risk assessment concepts
  • Using the risk ranking matrix
  • What-if/checklist technique
  • HAZOP technique
  • Difference between HAZOP/what-if?/checklist and how to choose the appropriate methodology
  • Analysis preparation, meetings, documentation and follow-up
  • Understand how the LOPA technique can assist in the determination of the suitability of safeguards
  • Common failings in PHAs
  • Human factors concepts
  • PHA for analysing procedures and batch processes
  • Roles and responsibilities of team and team members
  • What comprises a good recommendation?
  • PHA revalidation


Study options

In-house customised training can be provided upon request.  Enquire for further details.

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