Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management Systems


A formal management system or framework can help an organisation manage Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE).  The aim of this module is to deliver an understanding of what constitutes an HSE Management System (HSE MS), and how these systems are applied in different hazardous industries.  Legislative requirements and international standards for an HSE MS are also discussed.  The module examines issues associated with the documentation and the human elements for the successful implementation of an HSE MS.


At the end of the course you will be able to

  1. Discuss the key factors to be considered when developing an HSE MS.
  2. Assess the role of HSE MSs in reducing the probability and consequences of major accidents.
  3. Examine issues associated with the implementation of HSE MSs.


Outline content

Definition of an HSE MS

Elements of an HSE MS
  • Policy/objectives
  • Organisation
  • Plan and set standards
  • Documents (including procedures, work instructions, etc.)
  • Hazard management
  • Management of change
  • Training and competency
  • Measure performance
  • Audit and review
Guidance and legislation

Implementation aspects
  • Training
  • Integration with quality systems
  • Facilitating organisational change
Documenting and implementing the HSE MS
  • Manuals, procedures and systems
  • Intranet/CD-based HSE MS


Study options

Distance learning


In-house customised training can be provided upon request.  Enquire for further details.

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