Engineered Risk Control Systems (Oil and Gas)


This module provides an understanding of engineered risk control systems and the need for performance standards and technical integrity verification schemes.  This involves exploring the concept of engineered risk control systems and the need for identifying Safety and Environmentally Critical Elements (SECEs) and performance standards.  Assuring and verifying performance against the performance standards will be discussed as an integral part of technical integrity assurance throughout an asset’s lifecycle.


At the end of the course you will be able to

  1. Analyse process plant to logically deduce relevant Engineered Risk Control Systems (ERCSs/SECEs)
  2. Devise performance requirements/standards of ERCSs/SECEs
  3. Illustrate how ERCSs/SECEs contribute to sustaining technical integrity over the lifetime of an asset


Outline content

Introduction to ERCSs

  • Major accidents due to failure of ERCSs/SECEs
  • Examples of ERCSs/SECEs

Identification of ERCSs

  • Choice of approaches
  • Barrier analysis
Criticality ranking
  • Criteria and ranking methods

Performance standards

  • FARSI (Functionality Availability Reliability Survivability & Interdependence) requirements
  • Management of change

Performance assurance & verification

  • Performance assurance & verification during projects and operations
  • Managing failures and degradation
  • Verification and written schemes

Performance monitoring

  • Leading & lagging KPIs

Integrity throughout facility lifetime

  • Design, technical and operating integrity


Study options

Distance learning


In-house customised training can be provided upon request.  Enquire for further details.

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