BowTieXP Software (Basic & Advanced)


The purpose of this module is to enable students to effectively use the BowTieXP software in support of a bowtie analysis.  It is expected that students will have prior knowledge of the bowtie method either from industry experience or from attendance on the recommended prior study.


At the end of the course you will be able to

  1. Understand the quality of data to be input into a completed fit-for-purpose bowtie
  2. Effectively use the BowTieXP software in support of a bowtie analysis including linking of bowties to supporting tasks, equipment, documentation, etc.
  3. Use the software to produce reports and other forms of output.


Outline content

  • Introduction
  • Summary of the bowtie approach
  • Introduction to BowTieXP and where it fits in
  • Getting started
  • Creating a new database / opening an existing database
  • Creating a new bowtie, editing an existing bowtie, copying and pasting
  • Creating activities and elements
  • Linking controls to critical roles
  • Creating reports and printing professional reports
  • Shortfalls and remedial actions, review and sign-off
  • Tips for effective analysis
  • Tips for effective facilitation
  • Benefits and practical uses
  • Implementing BowTieXP in the organisation


Study options

In-house customised training can be provided upon request.  Enquire for further details.

Download the module flyer

  BowTieXP Software PDF

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