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Organisations can reduce major risk by focusing on the identification of hazards. Risktec Solutions invites you to attend a training course on the topic of HAZOP Study, one of the most commonly used hazard identification methods.

This two-day course is intended to provide an understanding of the technique, application and limitations of the HAZOP study method.  This module covers the skills needed and the work that the facilitator must do as part of the HAZOP Study.

All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Outline content

Introduction to risk assessment

Basic engineering terminology

Process safety incidents – lessons learned

HAZOP – what, when, how

HAZOP – guidewords and parameters

HAZOP – noding

HAZOP – teams, roles and responsibilities

Recording methods, software, reporting and close-out

Overview of the LOPA technique

Major HAZOP studies, minor modification studies

Common failings in HAZOPs

Limitations of HAZOPs

Leading HAZOP teams

Other forms of HAZOP – procedures, batch operations


Who should attend?

This course is suitable for managers, engineers, operators, HSE advisors and risk management practitioners.

Start date: 12th May 2020
Event duration: 2 days
Location: Warrington, UK
Award: Certificate of attendance
Price: GBP 800 + VAT

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  HAZOP Study

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