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Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment


The course provides an overview of the Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment and practical training on implementation in engineering rail projects. It provides background on approaches to the application of CSM for legal compliance. This involves studying the industry regulatory regimes and case studies applying to UK rail projects, and developing an understanding of the risk assessment process for all changes to the railway.

Course outline

Introduction to Risk Management

  • Key safety terms
  • Risk Management
  • EU and UK Legislation

CSM Overview, Context and Significance Decision

  • EU Common Safety Methods overview
  • CSM-REA Overview
  • Responsibilities and Exemptions
  • Safety Plan
  • Preliminary System Definition
  • CSM Significance Assessment

Implementation of CSM

  • Hazard Record
  • System Definition
  • Hazard Identification, Classification, Record, Management
  • Risk Acceptance Principles
  • ALARP Evaluation
  • Safety Justification
  • Independent Assessment

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate expertise in safety management using key terms such as “hazard”, “consequence”, and “risk”
  2. Understand Tolerability, ALARP and compliance with EU and UK legislation
  3. Evaluate the significance of a change and the interaction with Hazard Identification techniques
  4. Understand the elements of the Common Safety Method Risk Evaluation and Assessment process

Who should attend?

Managers, engineers and HSE professionals as well as individuals new to the rail industry who require an overview of the industry’s risks.

Start date: 27th November 2019
Event duration: 1 day
Location: Derby, UK
Award: Certificate of Assessment
Price: GBP 500 + VAT

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Common Safety Method for Risk Evaluation and Assessment