Testimonials (Training and Education)

Testimonials for Risktec's training and education programmes.

Some comments from students include:

  • "The training was excellent, methodical, structured, the right mixture of slides and practical exercises"
  • "Well prepared and well presented"
  • "Knowledgeable trainer with excellent training skills"
  • "I often find I get very bored in courses but this one was good with plenty of breaks and interaction"
  • "Very worthwhile, a positive addition to our company"
  • "Good value course"
  • "Great, practical hands on and good presentation"
  • "The training was very useful and Risktec served the purpose with flying colours"
  • "Teacher obviously has done the job for real"
  • "I was surprised by the amount of information I had not previously seen"
  • "The most useful parts of the course were the interactive sessions, I was able to participate by both phone and PC from my remote location"
  • "Great for remote workers even in isolation"

Some comments from programme managers on the client side include:

  • "Just wanted to tell you in very clear terms that we are very pleased with the training programme. The trainees have really gained a good understanding of things.  We also appreciate all the efforts you have put into the programme to get the training going, solve issues with the trainees and doing all those big and small wonderful things"
  • "The guys here were highly impressed with your training - just wanted to share that with you!"
  • "I have said it before and I'll say it again ... your hard work over the past few years has made me look good within my organisation - I have to say thanks again"

The MSc validation panel comprising Liverpool John Moore University academics, external academics and industrial advisors, noted a number of commendations for the programme:

  • The excellent subject expertise of the Risktec teachers
  • The very industry- driven and work-based programme that has been developed to meet the needs of the market
  • The enthusiasm and hard work of the programme team, in response to the demands of developing an academic programme

The external examiner noted the strengths of the programme:

  • The modules are taught by staff with ongoing industrial experience of risk assessment and safety management
  • As part of the course, students have the opportunity to visit industrial sites which might not otherwise be open to them
  • Students have the opportunity to gain some insight into the day to day operations of a company such as Risktec
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