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BowTieXP - New risk management

The complete bowtie methodology, in which Risktec consultants are leading practitioners, ensures that risk assessments become cost-effective methods of managing HSSE, rather than just a means of satisfying the regulator.  The bowtie diagram is an effective graphical display of risk control.  It is readily understood at all levels in an organisation, from senior managers and operations personnel, to regulators and members of the public.

The success of the bowtie approach can be attributed to:

  • Clear communication and improved understanding - Visually illustrating the hazard, its causes and consequences, and the controls to minimize the risk, the bowtie can be readily understood at all levels.  Bowties keep sight of the big picture and can capture the sequence of events as well as previous incidents.
  • Greater ownership - Recognising that effective risk management is only possible if people are assigned responsibilities for controls. Bowtie workshops encourage participation and stimulate communication between key stakeholders.
  • Efficiency gains - Realising efficiency improvements through a number of different ways, for example: the method is less labour intensive than many other traditional techniques; it can reduce the volume of safety analysis - it is true that a picture paints a thousand words; and it provides a 'corporate memory' to avoid reinventing the wheel every few years.

The BowTieXP tool supports the rapid application of the complete bowtie methodology.  BowTieXP was originally specified by Risktec and is developed by CGE Risk Management BV.

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