Specialist services

Specialist services

Our specialist services enhance our core services, providing a complete solution.  These are normally provided in-house, but we also draw on external specialists or work jointly with strategic alliance partners. Services include:


We take a risk-based approach to audits, focusing on what really matters - the risks and how they are being controlled - not just compliance.  Our services include developing audit strategies and protocols; providing lead and support auditors; and formal reporting, with risk ranking of identified deficiencies.  We investigate deficiencies in depth to find the underlying causes.  This delivers fewer but more value-adding recommendations, which reduces the cost, time and effort normally associated with audits.

Business performance improvement

We help organisations to identify, review, control and develop those business processes which are most critical to business success.  These may be related to skills, knowledge, processes, structures, teams and individuals.  We draw on an extensive 'toolkit' of effective techniques and approaches, working very closely alongside and within client organisations, to provide a comprehensive and balanced framework for business performance improvement.

Change management

We provide an impartial view of options for change and how these may be implemented.  We examine the reasons for the change and develop the best approach in relation to the business needs, but also take an active part in the change initiative as it passes through investigation, analysis, recommendation, planning, implementation and monitoring phases.

Environmental impact assessment

Assessments of the impact of business and facility operations typically address air and water quality, contaminated land, discharges and waste management. We have strategic alliances in place with specialist environmental organisations to provide field and experimental research, surveys and laboratory services to determine baseline environmental conditions.

Health risk assessment

Much is now known about the harmful health effects of agents in the work place.  We provide a structured approach to identifying and evaluating health hazards and advising on strategies for ongoing health monitoring and performance improvement.

Incident investigation

We analyse incidents using root cause analysis (supported for example by Investigator-3 or Tripod Beta software), to identify sustainable improvements that can prevent losses due to failed defences, human errors and 'latent' or hidden organisational failures.

Natural hazards risk assessment

The effects of natural hazards, such as flooding, hurricane and earthquake, can have devastating consequences for commercial facilities around the world.  We provide a comprehensive service to help risk managers to understand their exposure, negotiate appropriate insurance cover and implement cost-effective risk reduction measures.

Organisational design

We examine and propose recommendations for new organisational structures to allow a business to best undertake its business processes. We agree a communications strategy to gain maximum benefit of any proposed changes and facilitate workshops with personnel before and during the restructuring.

Project risk management

Major new projects are faced with an increasing burden of complexity from numerous sources, including legislation, financing and public pressure.  Our approach to project risk management covers the entire life of a project and includes project risk identification, quantification, reduction and monitoring.

Radiological protection

To determine the adequacy of reactor plant designs and procedures, we draw upon our extensive experience and involve external specialists where necessary to undertake radiological shielding assessment, reactor criticality analysis and dose uptake assessment under normal and fault conditions.

Research and technology

We initiate, develop and manage risk-related research and technology projects for industry sectors such as offshore, petrochemical, nuclear and defence.  We identify research and technology needs of industry, develop programmes that satisfy those needs, and supervise the undertaking and delivery of the research.

Structural integrity and analysis

Structural integrity assessments evaluate the adequacy of structures and equipment under extreme loads, e.g. impact, wind, fire, explosion.  Assessments use simplified methods, for compliance with standards, or advanced analysis methods which go beyond codes to demonstrate fitness for purpose.

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