Human factors integration and engineering

Human factors

The role of people is increasingly recognised as of paramount importance when assessing risks in many industries. Risktec provides a service based upon practical experience of human factors in industry and knowledge of current academic theory. Our focus is to help improve risk performance by minimising human and organisational errors and enhancing human performance.

Risktec's approach integrates human factors throughout the life-cycle of projects and facilities. The approach ensures early resolution of human factors issues, thereby reducing downstream problems such as re-design and emerging technical constraints.

Our services include:

  • Human factors integration planning
  • Human factors engineering
  • Early human factors analysis
  • Task analysis
  • Control room design and workplace ergonomics
  • Working environment assessment
  • Operability evaluation
  • Maintainability evaluation
  • Human reliability analysis
  • Training needs analysis

Our structured approach to the application of human factors can be the key to the success of designing, assessing, implementing and managing equipment, environments, systems and organisations.

"Risktec's approach is to ensure that human factors effort is targeted towards practical applications where risk reduction benefits are most significant."

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