Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) assessments and safety case documents

HSSE / safety cases

Risktec provides a comprehensive service for the production and presentation of all levels of Health, Safety, Security & Environmental (HSSE) case documentation for all major hazard industries, including civil nuclear, defence, oil & gas, chemical, and transport.  Each HSSE case takes into account the unique requirements specific to the industry, and relevant legislation, regulations and corporate standards.

Our services cover:

  • Co-ordination, planning, preparation and technical support for all aspects of
    the HSSE/safety case
  • Hazard identification
  • Deterministic and probabilistic assessment
  • Modelling of fault and hazard conditions
  • Frequency and consequence assessment
  • Identification of operating limits and conditions
  • Design substantiation
  • Preparation of emergency plans
  • Cost-benefit analysis and ALARP assessment
  • Preparation of HSSE safety case reports
  • Roll-out, communication and training for HSSE/safety cases
  • Living HSSE/safety cases

"Our in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and international standards across many industries allows us to provide unparalleled insights, rational solutions and full compliance."

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