Fire protection and hazard management, fire and explosion modelling

Fire protection

Major fires can have severe consequences for people, the environment, assets and company reputation.  The optimum approach to managing fire and explosion hazards will involve a unique combination of measures, from fire prevention and incident detection, through process control, to fire protection, fire-fighting and major emergency response.

Risktec has successfully enhanced and applied a unique approach of participative, cost-effective fire hazard management with an emphasis on practical risk reduction solutions and their implementation.

We take a risk and performance-based approach to address fire hazards and meet the intent of codes.  Our approach is well accepted by both industry and governing authorities.  Our services include:

  • Code consulting
  • Scenario-based fire protection reviews
  • Fire and gas detection mapping
  • Fire protection system assessments
  • Fire and explosion modelling
  • Fire response planning
  • Major emergency response planning
  • Incident investigation and analysis

"Risktec's fire protection approach involves working collaboratively with our clients and providing training, when required, to assure the enthusiastic ownership of solutions and their successful implementation"

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