Cultural safety and behavioural safety improvement

Cultural and behavioural safety improvement

Ultimately, effective risk control is the result of motivated and competent people working in an organised business. Traditional "command and control" attitudes have been found to be severely wanting in today's fast changing business climate. What many organisations are seeking is a culture where risk management is an integral part of day-to-day operations.

Risktec works with organisations to help them develop mature and "just" safety cultures, where people at all levels value positive safety behaviours and foster a desire for outstanding performance.

Our services include:

  • Behavioural safety strategy and programme development and associated support
  • Safety culture/climate assessment and cultural change support
  • Safety leadership workshops
  • Behavioural safety and safety culture training, workshops and coaching
  • Behavioural safety measurement
  • Worksite risk assessment method development, linked to contractor management and safe systems of work
  • Health and hygiene assessment
  • Competency management system development
  • Incident investigation and training

"The experience of our consultants helps to accelerate cultural and behavioural improvements, and provides a solid foundation for building sustainable improvements in risk control."

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