Business risk assessment, due diligence services and technical risk analysis

Business risk assessment

We work with our clients to identify major risk exposures and evaluate their relative significance to predict the total risk profile of the business. This includes property, safety, environmental, and any consequential business interruption and damage to reputation or asset.

Our consultants are specialists in:

  • Facilitating structured and interactive workshops to identify and rank major risks
  • Quantifying the probability, impact and uncertainty of major risk exposures, especially infrequent but high impact events
  • Identifying risk controls, assessing their effectiveness, and recommending practical and cost-beneficial risk reduction improvements
  • Due diligence studies to identify risk exposures and develop and implement plans for management control
  • Technical risk analysis to advise on the optimum structure and levels of a risk financing programme

Our process enables us to evaluate both 'company breakers' and more likely scenarios to provide a baseline for management action and risk financing decisions.

Our consultants emphasise that a risk is never actually reduced until a change is fully implemented and proven to be effective.

"We recommend solutions based on a solid foundation of engineering, scientific and technological knowledge not found at traditional risk management companies."

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