ALARP assessment

ALARP assessment

No industrial activity is entirely free from risk.  The level at which risk has been reduced as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) is when the time, trouble and cost of further reduction measures become unreasonably disproportionate to the risk reduction achieved.  The principle helps decision-makers because it recognises that whilst risk reduction is desirable it is not always warranted.

Risktec is a specialist in ALARP assessment.  Our approach recognises that the more complex the project, the more complex the decisions and the more sophisticated the tools required; and that the higher the risk, the more comprehensive and robust the ALARP assessment needs to be.  For simpler projects with well understood risks, our approach involves robust yet practicable assessment.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of compliance with codes and standards
  • Review of good practice and engineering judgement
  • Risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis
  • Independent peer review and benchmarking
  • Support with stakeholder consultation

The key to a convincing ALARP assessment lies in the documented consideration of improvement options, both implemented and rejected, at a level of resolution proportionate to the magnitude of the risk and the stage of the facility lifecycle.

"Risktec's approach to ALARP decision-making amounts to taking a balanced view and reaching a defensible consensus."

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