Risktec is recognised as a leading provider of professional consulting services in assessing and managing HSSE and business risks.  Our experience ranges from delivering small self-contained work packages to managing complex multi-disciplinary projects with a large number of stakeholders.

Our approach is based on a unique blend of creative engineering, scientific and management skills, proven methodologies, up-to-date analytical tools and data and a practical outlook.  Our collective expertise and experience means we provide solutions for our clients not more problems.  As a result, we have a reputation for successfully delivering and providing value for money.

ALARP assessmentRisktec is a specialist in assessing whether risk has been reduced to a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.
Asset integrity managementRisktec provides a broad range of services to assure the integrity of assets throughout their lifecycle
Availability, reliability and maintainabilityRisktec identifies shortfalls against targets and proposes practical solutions to improve ARM
Bowtie risk managementRisktec consultants are world leaders in the use of the bowtie analysis method to ensure risks are managed and not just analysed
Business continuity managementRisktec provides a broad range of BCM services to ensure critical business activities and systems can continue
Business risk assessmentRisktec works with clients to identify major risk exposures and evaluate their significance to the total risk profile
Competency managementRisktec helps clients to look beyond satisfying minimum requirements by focusing on competence as a strategic tool
Cultural and behavioural safety improvementRisktec works with organisations to help develop ‘just’ safety cultures, fostering a desire for outstanding performance
Emergency planning and crisis managementRisktec works with clients to develop practical and flexible emergency and crisis response arrangements
Environmental managementRisktec delivers a wide range of services for the systematic identification, evaluation and control of risks to the environment
Fire protectionRisktec applies a cost-effective fire hazard management approach with emphasis on practical risk reduction
Fire, explosion and toxic gas hazard analysisRisktec specialises in assessing fire, explosion and toxic hazards and optimising prevention and mitigation measures
Functional safetyRisktec consultants use a range of recognised techniques to analyse safety-related and business-critical systems
Hazard identificationRisktec provides a full portfolio of services for the formal, systematic and comprehensive identification of hazards
HSSE / safety casesRisktec provides a comprehensive service for developing all levels of safety case documents for all major hazard industries
HSSE management systems Risktec consultants provide a broad range of management system services for controlling risk in the business.
Human factorsRisktec provides a service based upon practical experience of human factors in industry and knowledge of academic theory
Independent reviewRisktec is regularly engaged by owners, operators, suppliers and insurers, to provide independent review
Process safety managementRisktec addresses all PSM needs, delivering solutions that are feasible, maintainable and cost-effective
Qualitative / deterministic risk assessmentRisktec undertakes deterministic assessment of the adequacy of designs and the effectiveness of safety systems
Quantitative / probabilistic risk assessmentRisktec is a specialist in quantifying risk, from quick, coarse studies to detailed comprehensive assessments
Resource solutionsWe also provide associates to work on short or long-term assignments at client locations
Safety leadershipRisktec's approach creates insights for effective leadership of workplace and systems safety
Security risk managementRisktec helps organisations to identify, understand, assess and manage their security risks
Specialist servicesOur specialist services enhance our core services, providing a complete solution
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